Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays!

What a great holiday we had. Our house was full of love and family. The only three missing were Derrick, Mandi and Trevor.  We missed you guys!!

Steve cooked and baked for two days. The house smelled so good.   We had it all, a nice fire, football, snow on the ground and lots laughter.

On Friday we went to the Chuihilly Glass Museum, and watched them make new glass in the Hot Room.  That was really cool!!!!

It was Jeannette's birthday too, so we had another reason to celebrate.

Grandpa and Maddie had a good time watching me clean up the kitchen after everyone had their fill.

Kyle is Steve's oldest grandson.  He and Rocky are
expecting in June.  We are "very" excited for another

Here is me and Maddie at Jeanette's party!
We all had such a good time and agreed it was toooo short!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sewing Day!

Yesterday, Amy and Maddie came over and we made Christmas gifts. It was great to spend the day in the sewing room together. Maddie spent her time in the swing, or in her bouncy seat watching us.

I am teaching Amy how to sew. She says she has always wanted to learn, and what better way then to make Christmas gifts.

Maddie did very good. She visits my

sewing room about once a week, and

helps by talking to me while I sew.

I tell her what I am doing and she asks


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Strange Weather Sunday

We woke up this morning thinking it was a beautiful day, although it was chilly. By the afternoon, it was raining so hard, your head would hurt if you were outside!

We have a "creek" at the back of our property. It is actually a drainage ditch, but creek sounds so much better. It drys up in the summer, and comes back in the winter. It runs the entire length of the property and is so pleasant when it runs. Today, it sound like a river it is so full. It is one of the positives of the coming of fall. The turning of the leaves look so pretty, although you know it means the cold is on its way.

So Steve and I are working indoors. He is in his shop and I am spending my days in my sewing room. I have baby blankets to make as well as Christmas gifts. Amy and I are headed out tomorrow for a girls day out. We will spend most of it in JoAnns planning Christmas sewing. Once in awhile I do have to clean house and clothes. Plus today is Shampoo Bandit day!
What else do you do when it is pouring outside????

Friday, November 5, 2010

What's New With You???

Now that summer is over, we will all tend to go into semi-hibernation. No more travel, visiting or seeing how the other half lives. Although I do enjoy Facebook, and will continue to use it, I think Aimee has the right idea, ( and yes I know many other family members have been blogging for a while) and will use the tool of Blogging to help us keep in touch with each other.

Although being retired might sound boring to the young, you never know when you might read about some exciting experiences, or injuries we old people might have. So, keep checking in for you never know....